I am a lifelong pro-lifer but spent about 20 years on the Left. In all that time, I never won a single convert (that I know of) to the pro-life cause. After two decades, I finally figured that if they were too clueless to see what was wrong with killing babies, maybe their views on other subjects were not to be trusted either. I watched with disgust as they tried to steal the 2000 election; and I was appalled at the Left's reaction to 9/11, which was to blame the victims and excuse the perpetrators. My awakening to see the errors of leftist thinking was due in no small part to my own life experiences: starting and running a small business; living in a small, agricultural, heartland community; and having children. Most importantly, after I, by the grace of God, acknowledged Jesus Christ as my savior, studied His Word, and joined the Church He founded, I was given new, spiritual eyes with which to see. Praise be to Him, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life!


    Epiphany, the Founders, and freedom of religion

    From the diaries by Bill S.  Great piece of work, heartlander. Epiphany actually falls on January 6, twelve days after Christmas (that’s why it’s the “Twelfth Day of Christmas”). However, since that falls on Thursday this year, many American churches celebrate Epiphany today. The word “epiphany” comes from Greek and means “manifestation” or “appearance.” The feast of Epiphany is when we celebrate the “wise men | Read More »