The farce of the UCFW’s anti-Walmart Black Friday protest

On Friday, the United Food and Commercial Workers union will be engaging is street theater trying to embarrass Walmart. Their schtick is that Walmart is not paying a “living wage.” This is really a hoot coming from this particular bunch of goons and mouthbreathers. In an ecosystem of corrupt unions, UCFW is one of the worst. But let’s look at the  look at the record. The | Read More »

Liberals Want Toy Gun Control Now

Forget about restrictive laws that curtail and limit the purchase, ownership and use of real firearms. Liberals have their eyes set on a new set of guns in need of regulation: toy guns. In the wake of a tragic shooting in Cleveland, Ohio last weekend where a police officer shot and killed a young boy playing with a toy gun, a Democratic state lawmaker is | Read More »

Obama doubles down on Iranian failure

Yesterday the P5+1 group (5 permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) negotiating with Iran over its nuclear weapons program announced in would make another deadline extension, this one of seven months: A yearlong effort to reach an enduring accord with Iran to dismantle large parts of its nuclear infrastructure fell short on Monday, forcing the United States and its allies to declare | Read More »

Amid Ferguson and Thanksgiving, Obama’s Rolling Out 3415 New Regulations

The grand jury decision and subsequent riots in Ferguson have been dominating the news coverage for the last few days. Meanwhile, in about 48 hours, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving, one of our most cherished national holidays and a day when we probably won’t pay much attention to the news. It’s the perfect time for a politician to do something controversial, so of course, the | Read More »

Civilization is constantly under attack

One unfortunate side effect of utopian ideology is the quest to create a system of government so righteous and noble that nobody would even try to tear it down.  This is absurd and childish.  Civilization is always under attack.  The forces of anarchy and barbarism never go away. There will always be people who believe The System is so fundamentally unjust that they are justified in ignoring | Read More »

Jeff Sessions should be Budget Committee Chair

With the Republicans taking over the Senate for the 114th Congress, it is vitally important that our party puts the right people in charge of the chamber’s committees. All too often, the major committees, especially those dealing with money, are chaired by squishy Establishment types who will never put up a real fight for fiscal conservatism when they should. With the upcoming Congress, we have | Read More »

Atlanta’s Fire Chief Suspended For Publicly Professing Christian Beliefs

Even in Atlanta you will be made to care. Atlanta’s Fire Chief, Kelvin Cochran, has been suspended for one month for writing a book in which he maintains orthodox Christian beliefs on sex and marriage. According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran is suspended for one month without pay after publishing a book that says homosexuality and having multiple sexual partners | Read More »

White founts flashing in the courts of the sun…

White founts flashing in the courts of the sun...

In the glint, old gold. Torchlight crimson in the copper kettle-drums Then the tuckets Then the trumpets Then the cannon, and he comes. Don John laughing in the brave beard ...


The armed gang led by Ammon Bundy was captured last night. They refused to surrender, and the stop erupted in gunfire, with reports not saying who shot first. One gang member was killed, the rest were arrested. No law enforcement agents were killed. If an armed, inner-city gang were stopped on the road, with one member killed and the rest arrested, there would be no | Read More »

Donald Trump Is a Coward and a Weakling

Let’s just get this out here: Donald Trump is what would happen if a skunk and a vulture had a kid out of wedlock, recoiled in horror at the birth, tried their level best to raise the little abomination, and then abandoned him on the edge of a swamp in the hopes that a friendly, blind alligator would eat him. He has short, stubby hands, | Read More »

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FLASHBACK: Ronald Reagan Skipped Last Debate Before IA Caucus – Went on to Win in Landslide

Analysis based on LSD flashbacks and tertiary syphilis. Wild conclusion.

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Iowa Freedom Summit

Rick Santorum Vindicated

“I’ve just flown in from California, where they’ve made homosexuality legal. I thought I’d get out before they make it compulsory.” –Bob Hope Shortly after the odious Lawrence v. Texas decision in which the US Supreme Court, in a grim foreshadowing of the short shrift it has given the desecration of the concept of marriage, decided to toss a couple of millenia of Western Civilization | Read More »

These first early voting numbers for LA-SEN are maybe *too* good for us.

Courtesy of the indispensable AOSHQDD comes the first early voting numbers for Louisiana’s Senate runoff numbers, and if the trends hold they’re gruesome for . The summary: about 136,000 people did early/absentee voting as of 11/25/2014.  72% of those voters were white, 25% black, the rest ‘other.’ If the numbers found here are accurate, Landrieu got 94% of the black vote in the primary… and 18% of | Read More »

This Thanksgiving, Let’s Help Those Affected by the #Ferguson Riots

The ongoing events in Ferguson have altered the Thanksgiving and Christmas plans for quite a few of the city’s residents for the worse. The business owners who have seen their stores and restaurants looted or destroyed are probably the most visible of those who have been negatively affected by the unrest, but someone’s going to have to clean up the mess left in the streets and | Read More »

Schumer: Stimulus “Was a Mistake,” ObamaCare Addressed “Wrong Problem”; But Still Doesn’t Get It

Yesterday, liberal Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer lambasted Democrats for the political failure of both ObamaCare and the stimulus.

While he certainly has not changed his core belief that government can solve all the people’s ills (and said as much), he slammed his party for its political failures.

Read More »

White People, Ferguson, and Empathy

This is not a post about whether or not Darren Wilson should have been indicted. This is not a post defending the rioting and looting that has come after. This is a post about examining our reactions to phenomena that we can’t properly understand. Obviously, an ordered society cannot long survive when looting and destruction of property – especially the private property of innocent bystanders | Read More »

Brave Sir Robin And The Riots In Ferguson, MO

The heavily-burdened Grand Jury has handed down a decision stating that they will not indict Officer Darren Wilson for any criminal wrongdoing in the shooting death of Michael Brown. That has regrettably caused a lot of very frustrated, angry and frightened people to take to the streets and riot. This has given cover to a number of professional radicals who look for any grievance, legitimate | Read More »

Sola Civitas: The Left Favors the State Over the People in Ferguson

Michael Brown was a thief. He had used drugs, robbed a store, punched a cop, then the cop fatally shot him. Those are the facts. To the left, that Officer Wilson was not found guilty of killing Michael Brown was an outrage. It was an outrage too when George Zimmerman was found not guilty of killing Trayvon Martin. Essentially, the left is opposed to the | Read More »

Ezra Klein’s House of White Privilege Explains the News

I finally understand white privilege. It is a detachment that lets certain people be detached from the real world while pretending to cover it accurately and emote with it. I get it. It is the only thing that can explain this post by Ezra Klein. Klein just cannot fathom that an eighteen year old who’d just robbed a story would tell a cop to f*ck | Read More »

Chuck Schumer quietly starts distancing Democrats from Obama for 2016.

I’m just going to summarize it: Senator Chuck Schumer today ever-so-casually indicated that working first on Obamacare was a mistake; that, in fact, Congress should have instead worked on pretty much anything else besides Obamacare; and that himself opposed starting first on Obamacare, but all those Obama supporters in the Obama administration were so adamant that Obamacare be put in place right away.  Also: how about | Read More »








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